“Bodies de Sangre,” Ruby Brunton


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I slice into a peach
& the blood spurts out
it’s soft orange blood
gentle blood
the kind that
gets left out of the
retelling of wars
the kind that
people forget exists
I dreamt you sliced into
my peach but no blood
was spilled
I love putting on a dress
& applying full make up
just to stay at home
I look at men
I don’t know
& imagine what color
their blood is
what it tastes like
is that one cherry juice?
I want it on my skin
too many things bother me
like hypocrisy
some people get upset
for all the wrong reasons
like which women
will share their bathroom
I get upset for the right reasons
because I’m always right
except for all those times
I shed a tear
instead of shedding blood
im always falling in love
with people in ads
on the subway
they’re safer somehow
I bite into a pineapple slice
& the blood spurts out
all down my chin
all down my chest
the creamy yellow blood
left over after
a playground pile-on
a battle between sheets


Ruby Brunton
In response to a curatorial prompt on blood.


Cover photo by Tyler Healy.